Subways; A refreshing look from the underground

Subways; A refreshing look from the underground

When seeking a classic look, you can't go past subway tiles. Clean, minimal, versatile and best of all cheap! Subways are a true chameleon of style - simply change the laying pattern or grout colour to suit any room design. 

For a clean, sleek look, a stack bond lay with white grout will keep the area feeling fresh. Check it out! 

White subway laid stackbond with white grout

If this look is too subtle for you, why not change it up a little by using a dark grey grout and a brick bond lay to make a real statement piece? The darker grout really makes the tiles pop and accentuates the laying style.

White subway laid brickbond with dark grout

Light grey grout with a herringbone lay can add a very subtle yet creative statement piece. A herringbone lay gives off a soft appearance and a new take on a traditional look. 

White subway laid herringbone with light grey grout

It is really true that the pattern changes everything when it comes to subway tiles. There are tons of possibilities to consider! Check them out here.