What Davco Adhesive should I use?

What Davco Adhesive should I use?

Choosing the right tile adhesive is essential to ensure a long-lasting installation. Tile adhesives are used to bond, or glue, tiles onto a surface or substrate. Because surfaces, substrates, tiles, areas and even tiling conditions don’t share the same characteristics they have different adhesive requirements. 

Like most things, with adhesives you really do get what you pay for which is why Tile City proudly only stocks and recommends Davco Adhesives.  This relationship with Davco has lasted and grown for over 30 years.  

Depending on the application, a primer may be required prior to installation.

To select the right adhesive for any project Tile City recommend using the Davco System Selector, however below we have listed the most common adhesive solutions we provide.


Surface Tile Type Adhesives 
Existing Tiles All Tiles Davco 2 Part Rapid, Davco SMP Evo
Concrete Porcelain  Davco SMP Evo, Davco SE-7 or Davco Ultraflex
Concrete Ceramic Davco SMP Evo, Davco SE-7, Davco Ultraflex or Davco Gold Label
Concrete Natural Stone Davco 2 Part Rapid
Concrete Pools All except Moisture Sensitive Davco SMP Evo plus Davelastic
Fibre cement sheet / plasterboard Porcelain  Davco SMP Evo
Fibre cement sheet / plasterboard Ceramic Davco SMP Evo